Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cable Cam

  So recently I have been busy building random camera rigs, not too long ago I made a DIY light ring, SnorriCam and one of my longtime favorites--a car window mount made from a walker. But recently I have had a fascination with cable cams.

  Over the summer I began experimenting with an old hacked apart rollerblade bottom with a camera bolted to it but it was a shoddy setup at best and the bearings in the wheels were terrible. So a week or two ago I decided to revisit it on a smaller scale.

  The plan was to hold only a GoPro and be small enough to be easily portable. So off I go looking for the best option and for fairly cheap I was able to make one with a 100 foot cord, a Figure 9 to tighten and the rig itself was Erector Set pieces and sliding door wheels.

  This past week I was able to test it out at Pats Peak during the March 1st snowstorm. I ran it down the side of some glades and got some really nice footage, check it out below! (see at 0:00-0:14, 0:24-0:27 and 0:47-1:07)