• ‘Bid and Destroy’: National Geographic 05-09/2012
    Tech PA, Production Stills, Additional Camerawork
  • ‘Hoarders’: A&E 08/2012
    Grip, Additional Camerawork
  • Pats Peak: Mountain Bike Festival Promo 06/2012
  • ‘Dependable Locks’ Commercial 04/2012
    Glidecam Operator / Audio
  • ‘I Am King’ Commercial 03/2012
    Glidecam Operator
  • Dyn Music Video Marketing Campaign 12/2011
    Directed music videos sent to Hulu, Expedia, CareerBuilder, LivingSocial, Posterous and FunnyOrDie
  • Pats Peak: Video Updates 12/2011-Present
    Shot and edited short videos for Pats Peak Ski Area
  • Darwin's Waiting Room: 'Therapy' 12/2011
  • Wedding Video 10/2011
    Editor and DVD Authoring
  • Philip Bloom: Kessler Crane Documentary 10/2011
  • Pats Peak: TV Commercial 09/2011
    Filmed and edited Pats Peaks new 2011/12 TV commercial
  • Wedding Photographer 09/2011 
  • AARP Interviews: PBS 08/2011
    Studio Camera Operator
  • Pats Peak: Rope Wire Timelapse 08/2011
  • Yellowbirds Music Video 07/2011
    1st AC
  • Darwin's Waiting Room: 'Hypnotism' 06/2011
    DP and Editor
  • Darwin's Waiting Room: 'Meat Sweats' 06/2011
  • Darwin's Waiting Room: 'It's Complicated' 05/2011
    DP and Editor
  • Portsmouth Creative Club: Flashmob Video 05/2011
    Glidecam Operator
  • Pats Peak: Video Updates 12/2010-03/2011
    Shot and edited short videos for Pats Peak Ski Area
  • Dr. Melamed Promo 01/2011
    PA, Audio
  • ‘Bladework’: Camera & Audio 12/2010-01/2011
    Cinematographer/Boom Operator for several episodes
  • Pats Peak: TV Commercial 08/2010
    Filmed and edited Pats Peaks new 2010/11 TV commercial
  • ‘The A-Plate’: Camera PA 06/2010
    Worked closely with the 1st and 2nd AC, change lenses and filters, slate shots, manage batteries, set up tripods/slider/etc
  • ‘The Leslie Taylor Show’: 05/2010-07/2010
    Cinematographer, 1st AD, Sound.
  • ‘The Norman Rockwell Code’: 1st AC 05/2010
    Pull focus, change lenses, set up tripods/dollys/jibs
  • PA 05/2010
    Worked with the team to make a short Hybrid SAE Forumula Racing segment for their channel
  • ‘Road To The Golden Gloves’: Camerawork 04/2010
    Gathering footage on location
  • Pats Peak: Video Updates 12/2009-3/2010
    Shot and edited short videos for Pats Peak Ski Area
  • NH Surfrider Foundation: Promo 08/2009
    Made a promotional video for their beach cleanup sessions
  • Great Northern Video: Inside Sales 08/2008-05/2009
    Sold professional video equipment to customers all over New England
  • ‘Kingsmen’s Redeemer’: PA/Various 12/2008-03/2009
    Set up/tear down set equipment, follow focus and b-unit camerawork on the RED One Digital Cinema camera
  • Cheap Ski Movie: Camera 02/2009
    Lit and shot the Pat’s Peak bar scene
  • GLGTV: Utility 2006-2009
    Setup/tear down and cable runner for various sports 
    • NBATV Utility: NBA Finals 06/2008 
    • CSTV Utility: Durham, NH UNH Hockey 03/2008 
    • Canadian TV Utility: Foxborough, MA Gold Cup 06/2007 
    • CNN Utility: Manchester, NH Political Debates 06/2007
  • ‘Altering Conclusions’: Camera Operator 2006-7
    Glidecam Operator, Cameraman, Set up/tear down lights