Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Music Video Project

   So recently I have been working on a set of music videos for a local companies marketing campaign. Its been pretty intense, with three days of shooting I have produced six 60-second music videos for them. The company has planed to distribute the videos to prospective clients (all of which are household names) in a month or so, so hopefully I will be able to post them up here at some point--because at the moment its a super secret non-disclosure spec ops project!

   Its been fun shooting some funny stuff around Manchester but I'm looking forward to some new projects I have coming up in this month. I am still working on weekly Pats Peak videos (check back soon to see some I already did this year), there are some interesting developments with Darwin's Waiting Room Comedy and this weekend I might be covering some of the NH primaries. So check back here for more updates and follow @NJEdgar on Twitter to see whats going on!

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